Tuesday, November 19, 2013

BFA "My Name is..." Film

I finally got around to posting up my BFA intro video.
We had one week to make a 60 second film about ourselves.
The only restrictions were that it had to be 60 seconds or less, and at some point we have to look at the camera and say "My name is ____." 

Special thanks was added, which extended the time of the video after the fact:
Melody Appel, my fiance,  helped me iron out the idea, write out the narration and film of course.
Celine Delcayre  was nice enough to translate the work into french while she was in town.
Eric Mead who did the actual narration has a wonderful voice and happens to speak a bit of french among many other languages. 

I had a lot of fun filming and editing this. I learned quite a bit about after effects in process thanks to Wendell Dalit.

It seemed to get a good laugh from everybody in my class and they very kindly voted it best in class,
for which I received a Marvel "The Avengers" puzzle and a bag of chai tea.

BFA FILM from jared mills on Vimeo.

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